KTO Announces Strategic Sponsorship with Futebol Cube Cascavel

KTO Announces Strategic Sponsorship with Futebol Cube Cascavel

Global bookmaker KTO can officially announce its brand new sponsorship agreement with Futebol Clube Cascavel for the 2021 season. The new kit, already rebranded to include the KTO logo, was launched last December just in time for the seasonal holidays.

KTO’s choice for Cascavel was no accident. According to Cássio Filter, the KTO brand manager for Brazil, the project presented by the club from western Paraná is outstanding. “We saw that it is a young institution, with a huge engagement from its fans and that it thinks about the long term. Despite being in the D Series, Cascavel is a management case and in the coming years, it will gain enormous visibility. In Paraná football, it has already become one of the main protagonists”, says the executive.

FC Cascavel already brings in numbers that impress even the bigger clubs. “We sold almost 60,000 shirts in 2020. This is only because the city and neighboring municipalities have decided to embrace the team. We have a well-defined strategic plan for the next 5 years and I think we are on the right path”, explains Club President, Valdinei Silva.

According to Eduardo Serralheiro, marketing director of FC Cascavel, certain criteria must be met before long-term partnerships are decided. “We only form relationships with companies that are serious and with the same policy, ethics, and professionalism that we have. Fortunately, we see it all at KTO. The negotiations flowed in a very natural way, almost in an atmosphere of friendship ”.

Now, FC Cascavel enters the 2021 season with exciting prospects for the team’s future. After being among the four best teams in the state championship, they will now make their well-earned debut in the Copa do Brasil. The team is also preparing for the Paranaense Championship and Serie D of the Brazilian Championship (aka Brasileirão).

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