KTO.ASIA is KTO’s brand identity for the Asian market

KTO.ASIA is KTO’s brand identity for the Asian market

KTO.ASIA is KTO’s brand identity for the Asian market. The site is hosted on an igaming platform developed in-house, specifically for the Asian market.

Since 2003, the KTO team has acquired extensive experience in providing data services to many of the most renowned brands in the Asian market.

The decision to launch a new brand in 2020, has been based on the accumulated knowledge of more that 20 years operating successfully in this market. In this time, KTO has acquired a deep knowledge of what the Asian Sportsbook customer really wants. The deployment of this new platform leverages this experience and knowledge to create a unique customer experience.

The main focus of the brand is to couple our proprietary platform and datahub to deliver the fastest and most reliable betting experience.

With almost 20 years of experience in the Asian market, the brand strongly believes in localization which heavily influenced the look and feel of the brand.This gives KTO.ASIA a distinct character and makes KTO a game changer in the Asian Market.

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